Below are photo albums with some of the ways we have made our house more environmentally friendly...(and saved money!).  If you click to open any album, it will show you a summary of that system, along with cost and other info, and the photos with comments on each one.  Moving your mouse across the album will show you a quick preview of the pictures there.

See our home and many others with solar on the Hampton Roads Solar Tour,

More ways we live sustainably are listed here: Environmental_actions.htm.  A small example is that we don’t use plastic water bottles -- for why, see this short video.

Some of the books that have inspired this way of living are listed here: Ruth's book list.xls.

One book that is very powerful is Plan B 4.0, Mobilizing to Save Civilization.  You can go to their site and download the whole PDF of the book!

A list of links that show why I think going to renewable now in the US is very feasible.

A brief and simple video about why solar is a good idea.

Green_roof_PV_Oct_2016.pdf: a presentation on our house and some sustainable lifestyle choices.

Our Green House